Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Terms and conditon page of Hawa Al Sahel. If you think that you will use our services and make contract with us about our services,
this terms and conditon will helpfull for you to know about us. We made it combining with our privacy policy and FAQ pages.
The Terms of us or `Hawa Al Sahel` all refer to the `Hawa Al Sahel Hospitality and Cleaning Services LLC`. We will refer to user to visit our website.

Those are terms that we are using in our website but not limited that we are using:

  1. The content of the page can change or update our contents without give any notice to our users.
  2. We are using the cookies of user by taking their permission. If the user allow to or accept our request to get strings from the browser history of the user.
    we take that data to analyis their services those they want.
  3. All Content and services owned by or licensed to the Hawa Al Sahel. There is all included the product and services but it is not limited design, look, graphics, logics of website. Reproduction is strictly prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which is form part of terms and conditions.
  4. Give your data if you are not authenticate in our website to use our services.
  5. The Hawa Al Sahel hospitality and cleaning services LLC is following the all rules and regulations of local UAE Laws.
  6. We are avail t change the content and services after 15 days without give any notice. But if you change any price, facility and terms we will inform to our all users though the email or mobile phone messages.
  7. We allow to take the payment from our client though the credit card or cash. The client can pay the cash though the Cleaner or cleaning partner of us.
  8. Regarding the services, we are not allowing any kind of unlawful acts of cleaner and cleaning partners also. If we face any unlawful thing have the right of us to take legal step regarding our rules and regulations.
  9. We may use others company's website links. These external links are provided for your convenience to provide information. We are not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the external link content.
  10. We finalized our order thought the payment system. The payment could be credit card or cash thought the cleaner.
  11. After Payment we will send the Invoice of order to our client by email. In Invoice we will send full Invoice of order with company chill-Stamp.
  12. Regarding the order of Client we will get the information of client. Our team is so care about the data and we will protect the every data
  13. We are providing the 24 hours information services. 24 hours is allow to order on our website or whatsapp. According to the booking if client have any objection or any messgae please us email care@hawaalsahel.com or can knock in whatsapp.
  14. Not allow to use our website under 18 age.

Return Cash policy:

Return or re-fond will be done only through the orginal mode of payments

Quality of Delivery work:

  • To make it confirm that the cleaner wear uniform of Hawa Al Sahel.
  • After order through the webskite or whatsapp the cleaner will come just time.
  • We will always update you regarding the order by your phone message and email.